We are an outsourcing team focused on Games, VR, 3D, SDK, and Unity packages.

About Us

Our story began with Stan back in 2013.

He had a full-time job and saw game development as his passion. Soon enough, working nights after work, he managed to develop his first Unity packages, inspiring other developers to join the company and become co-founders and employees.

Our first success came with the development of Open source packages. Knowing that best game developers use such assets every day, we created instruments helping game studios and engineers save time and increase work efficiency.


Thus, as soon as our plugins got recognition, other software development companies, like Moon Studios, One Signal, and Rogue Sun, started to hire Unity developers at KAPPS.

Since then, we have grown to an experienced outsourcing team of more than 15 people. We produce games, graphics support, VR spaces and mobile applications for companies looking for a game development team.

Having plenty of projects, we understand that cheap development is costly. That is why we make quality our priority focusing on creativity, originality, technology and entrepreneurship.

If you share our values and have substantial development experience, we would be glad to see you as a part of KAPPS team!

Our mission

Design high quality and cutting-edge solutions with proper architecture and immersive culture at its core for the product’s long term growth and support.


Want to find a game dev team or hire developers online?

KAPPS can help. We love challenges and exciting projects. We are ready to discuss them with you

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