KAPPS: Leaders in SDK Integration for Unity.


Tailoring Business Logic with Cross-Language SDKs

At KAPPS, we specialize in creating versatile SDKs for Unity across a range of programming languages including native Objective-C, Swift, Java, and Kotlin. 

As pioneers and top sellers in the Asset Store over the past 8 years, we’ve honed our experience and expertise to deliver finely-tuned tools that streamline business logic implementation in gaming and application contexts.

KAPPS - Where experienced engineering meets innovative application design.

  • Language Versatility: We create SDKs across multiple languages, providing flexible options for diverse project requirements.
  • Unity Specialization: Our deep-rooted expertise in Unity enables us to deliver proficiently embedded SDKs for smooth operations.
  • Pioneers in Practice: Leveraging our extensive experience as top sellers in the Unity Asset Store, we provide seasoned development knowledge to every project.




Elevate your game or application with our expertly crafted SDKs. Connect with KAPPS today to harness our industry-leading know-how and toolsets.

Stages of SDK Development

At KAPPS, our team of seasoned developers understands the paramount importance of outstanding SDKs that foster streamlined app development.
01 Requirement Analysis
We commence with the target platform and intended use-cases. Moving forward, we evaluate SDK functionalities and performance objectives, alongside market requirements.
02 SDK Architecture
We propose a high-level architecture outlining the SDK's structural and functional components, ensuring the SDK's compatibility with different app architectures, environments, and multiple platforms.
03 Development
The following step is employing specialized programming languages like Objective-C/Swift for iOS and Java/Kotlin for Android. We write clean, modular, and well-documented code as per industry standards, incorporating all required functionalities, APIs, and features while validating against the defined use-cases.
04 Testing & Documentation
The last stage is executing rigorous testing across diverse environments to guarantee seamless performance and compatibility. We address any potential issues or glitches and optimize the code to enhance overall performance. Finally, we create comprehensive SDK documentation, including an integration guide and reference material for developers.

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