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Character Development Services at KAPPS

At KAPPS, we’re not just creating games — we’re pioneering unforgettable, immersive experiences. For over 8 years, we’ve been leading in the Asset Store, putting our mark on the gaming industry, one character at a time. </p>


Our solutions range from VR/AR adaptations to applications leveraging 3D content and high-quality graphics, culminating in seamless cross-platform functionality.

Our expertise lies in character development, giving birth to virtual personas that resonate and interact intriguingly with their surroundings.

Character Creation Tools We Use

  • Modeling Softwares (3ds Max, Maya):
    We lay the foundation of character creation with these tools, giving life to rough sketches, formulating basic 3D structures, and refining them further for immaculate geometric visuals.&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/li&gt;</li> <li>
  • Rendering Engines (Vray, Corona Render):
    Vray and Corona Render help us visualize a character’s presence in their environment. By casting realistic light, shadow, and reflections, we ensure a visually striking and engaging experience for gamers.
  • Sculpting Software (Zbrush):
    Handling even intricacies with finesse, we employ Zbrush for high-resolution character detailing. It empowers us to sculpt unique features and evocative expressions, captivating your audience in every frame.
  • Texture Painting Tool (Substance Painter):
    Substance Painter aids us in elevating the character’s distinctive aura. By adorning them with striking materials and textures, we make your characters relatable, forging a connection with gamers.
  • Clothes Designing Software (Marvelous Designer):</strong><br />No character is complete without apparel befitting its persona. With Marvelous Designer, we craft and simulate realistic garments, layering them onto our creations, tying the whole character together.




Excited to make your characters spring to life? Collaborate with KAPPS and let's create your unique gaming experience.

Stages of Game Character Creation

KAPPS - Shaping virtual personas, inspiring real emotions.
01 Character Conceptualization
Breathing life starts with an idea. We sketch your vision, forming initial blueprints with 3ds Max and Maya.
02 Modelling & Texturing
We define the form and facial features, capturing emotions in static poses, using Zbrush for the precision of our artistry. Substance Painter is our stage for setting characters' skin types, clothing fabrics, etc., injecting realism into them.
03 Lighting & Rendering
The application of Vray/Corona Render allows us to place our characters in realistic lighting conditions, giving them believable demeanour.
04 Final Grooming
Lastly, using Marmoset Toolbag, Keyshot, and Marvelous Designer, we polish, perfecting every detail, from garments to the gleam in their eyes.

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