Game Design

Simply designing games? No. Crafting immersive experiences? Absolutely.

Game Design

Game Design Services at KAPPS

At KAPPS, the art of game design is not just a business. It’s a craft that merges storytelling, user experience, and artistic ambiance. With over 8 years of experience as pioneers and top sellers in the Asset Store, we have been entrusted by game developers globally to create immersive gaming environments from diverse game concepts. Here’s how we make your game design stand out:

  • Conceptual Structures: The backbone of our game design process. Using Maya and 3ds Max, we construct the fundamental structure that lays the groundwork for your game world.
  • Detailed Features: Our expertise in Zbrush enables us to dive into details, modeling exquisite game characters or intricate props enhancing the depth of your gaming experience.
  • Realistic WebGL/WebXR: Applying Substance Painter for texturing, and Vray and Corona Render for dynamic lighting, we strike a perfect balance between realism and style.
  • Fluid Animation: Marmoset Toolbag and Keyshot help us bring the gaming world to life, ensuring all elements within the game interact naturally.


  • Detailed Modelling using Zbrush: Our experts create intricate models and game environments, perfecting every aspect to enhance player immersion.
  • Texturing and Rendering with Substance Painter, Vray, and Corona Render: We ensure all the gaming visual components are aesthetically exceptional, delivering photorealistic and narratively cohesive experiences.
  • Animation using Marmoset Toolbag and Keyshot: We provide the game with fluidity and dynamism, making all the elements engaging and interactive in real-time.
  • Character and Apparel Design using Marvelous Designer: We attend to minute details, delivering authentic and unique character apparel to complete the gaming environment.




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Stages of Game Design

01 Design & Modeling
We initiate the process with 3ds Max and Maya, crafting the blueprint for your game, drawing inspiration from your vision. Our experts then dive into Zbrush, adding intricate details to the gaming environment, perfecting every edge and curve
02 Texturing & Rendering
We use Substance Painter and Vray/Corona Render to add aesthetic appeal, ensuring the game's visual components are not just photorealistic, but narratively cohesive.
03 Animation
With Marmoset Toolbag and Keyshot, we give the game fluidity, making every detail dynamic, engaging and reactive.
04 Final Touches
Lastly, with Marvelous Designer, we cater to the tiny details - be it the galore of a medieval gown or the ruggedness of a warrior's armor, we've got it covered.

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