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As pioneers in VR/AR gaming, we at KAPPS are experts at conceptualizing, designing, and developing virtual and augmented reality experiences. Our innovative approach goes beyond creating games, allowing us to build fully immersive digital experiences such as Roomful, a shining example of cutting-edge VR in our portfolio. Leveraging advancements in high-tech hardware, our team empowers users to step into awe-inspiring Metaverse realities.

  • VR/AR Games & Apps: Expertise in creating compelling VR/AR experiences, from captivating games to practical applications across platforms.
  • Conceptualization to Completion: A complete set of solutions, from ideation and planning to crafting exceptional VR content that will exceed expectations.
  • Customized Tech & Design: Adapting to the latest VR/AR technology while delivering customized designs for unforgettable experiences.
  • Striking Visuals & Immersion: Harnessing the power of cutting-edge graphics, spatial audio, and tactile feedback to create truly immersive environments.



KAPPS - New generation of virtual and augmented reality experiences.

  • Immersive Philosophy: We go beyond the confines of traditional gaming, curating immersive VR/AR experiences that transport users to captivating virtual and augmented realities.
  • Profound Experience: We leverage our extensive experience in the VR/AR space to develop games and apps that redefine immersive entertainment, as evident in creations like Roomful.
  • End-to-End Solutions: Our team offers a comprehensive set of solutions, from the spark of an innovative idea to the delivery of premium VR content that fulfills your expectations.
  • Cutting-Edge Graphics and Immersion: We employ groundbreaking graphics, spatial audio, and haptic feedback to craft truly engaging environments, shaping the future of interactive entertainment.




Ready to dive into the world of VR/AR with KAPPS? Let's create future-forward digital experiences that redefine immersive entertainment.

Stages of VR/AR Development

At KAPPS, we believe that each stage is instrumental in the creation of immersive VR/AR experiences that are not just enjoyable, but also transport users to unforgettable virtual and augmented realities.
01 Conceptualization
We develop innovative ideas tailored to your requirements, taking into consideration the immersive potential of VR/AR.
02 Design & Development
Our team crafts visually impressive, easy-to-navigate spatial environments, and implements required functions for an engaging VR/AR experience.
03 Testing & Iteration
Utilizing rigorous testing and user feedback, we refine interaction mechanics and graphical elements to ensure unbeatable performance and user immersion.
04 Deployment
Final implementation of the VR/AR experience on chosen platforms, complimented by continuous post-launch support and improvements.

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