Win peack

Multiplayer online game features a reimagining of the mechanic of pong and pinball with interactive objects.

Challenge Result
Establishing a connection between people to start the game Http protocol. Different network protocols guarantee separate logic in connecting players in the game lobby from connecting to a game session on the field
Huge problems with the synchronization of the game world between players using a network connection Udp protocol. A network protocol for data transmission in connectionless networks, ensures the delivery of datagrams, and does not require confirmation of their receipt.
The physics of the game is calculated on the server side. The client, in turn, must display / maintain the current state of the world in the game Multithreading. The client, using multithreading, processes a huge number of packets continuously coming from the server. Thus, the data is used in the correct order, in which the server sent it, without any loss due to the Internet connection
It’s no secret that any game requires the player to interact with the game world. Thus, the use of local objects for a network game is a separate problem Local input controller. Management of allowed objects by the server, takes into account the state of the net packages so that the game has a consistent look for all players