Stories World™ Travels

Explore a whole new world and make every day a new vacation story! A new game from the Stories franchise for kids and adults. Start your adventure catching your flight in the airport, rest at the exotic hotel in the middle of the jungle, and create the most exciting vacation stories in Stories World™ Travels

Challenge Result
Project flexibility to speedup the process and split the work between team. A modular architecture enables developers to work on different components of a game independently. This flexibility helps in faster development, as teams can work on specific features without affecting other parts of the game.
Ability to eaasy grow, improve, change features or systems. With modularity developers can easily add or remove features without affecting other parts of the game. This approach helps in developing games that can scale up or down according to the needs of the project, without requiring major changes or redesigns.
Reuse modules in other systems or projects. Allows to reuse code across different projects. This can save time and effort, as developers can use existing code and assets to create new games, rather than building everything from scratch. Additionally, modular architecture encourages better organization and documentation of code, making it easier for developers to understand and reuse it in future projects.

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